We respect the privacy of our visitors of and and we ensure that the personal information you provide us will be handled in a confidential manner. Processing of the personal data is done in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the Law Protection of Personal data. We want to make clear with the following statement that we are committed to the safety and reliability of our website, and clarify how we use our customers personal information.

1. Personal Data

Personal data is the information that you submit to us when you visit and This is information such as your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

2. Use of personal data

The personal information you left during your visit to and will only be collected for the purpose of being able to serve you correctly but we will always stay within the framework of the applicable laws on data protection. Your personal information will be stored by us and used to allow proper handling of a repair request and processing. If you want to know what information is available, please send an email to

3. Provision to third parties

We do not share personal data with third parties. Your data will be within the framework of the existing data protection laws made available to third parties or to government agencies as far as we do so are required under government regulations or legal requirements or if necessary in the context of criminal prosecution or in order to promote or enforce our rights and interests.

4. Security

The security of personal data is our top priority. Your data that is stored with us, therefore, is both with technical and organizational measures protected in order to avoid loss or misuse by third parties. Especially our employees who process the personal data are bound by confidentiality agreements. Our technical security measures, to protect your data, are regularly checked and updated. These principles also apply to the companies that are working according to our order and processes instructions.

5. Access and change your data

You have the legal right to seek information about the personal data that is stored with us, on correctness, if it has been removed and or the blocking of this personal data. Information that is pursuant to statutory or contractual storage requirements we must continue to safe, however for all other purposes it will be blocked.

6. Questions on data protection?

If you have any questions about the data protection or you would like to use your rights to make changes to your personal data please contact us on

7. Disclaimer

This statement might change from time to time, for example because our website or the laws changed. We are allowed to change, without prior notice in any way, the content of this statement at any time. This statement was changed last on the 20 th May 2018.